"Taking Care of Pets and the People Who Love Them."

Cherokee Animal Hospital ~ Veterinarian in Canton Georgia


"We are an Independent Veterinary Hospital & proud member of the IVPA"

Cherokee Animal Hospital Dr Bryant

Independent Veterinary PracticeThe IVPA was formed to support local veterinarians in their practices so they can run their practice with the values & goals they hold dear while providing the best care to pets and owners. #VetLocal

We are an independent veterinary practice and want you to know more about why we believe it is important to distinguish ourselves as an independent vet. More about the IVPA

We hope you find a friendly staff dedicated to you & the veterinary care of your furry loved ones.

We believe in our mission statement and treat our patients with kindness & sympathy. We strive to accommodate our patients so they can relax while they are here. We listen and help owners make the best decisions for their family, understanding they know their pet best.


Cherokee Animal Hospital Mission Ga


Acupuncture, Herbal therapies, Laser therapy, and Behavioral Consultations

Alternative therapies are options beyond traditional medications.

Our goal is to promote health and prevent problems as much as possible. We offer multiple methods to help promote general health and wellness as well as treatment of many common diseases and conditions.




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Behavioral Consultations for Furry Family Members and their Owners

We can offer our expertise on animal behavior

Most problem behaviors are the result of simple miscommunication. Owners don’t always know what behaviors are truly normal for their pets. Often, their pets want to please but simply don’t understand what their owners are trying to teach them. We can help!

Veterinarian Pet Behavioral Program


Receive Pet Care from Home!

Cherokee Animal Hospital is now offering remote healthcare services with TeleMedicine.

*Only available for current Cherokee Animal Hospital clients and patients.



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Fun Times at Cherokee Animal Hospital ...

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