A lost Dog was Never Found.

A veterinarian explains why Micro Chips are really important.

If an animal gets lost and their collar falls off, you’ve lost all your ability to identify them.

It is also really important to register your name with the company that has the micro-chip information. So, unfortunately, Here at Cherokee Animal Hospital, we have a very common situation where an animal’s been chipped but the owners never registered their name to that chip.

Recently we had a chocolate Spaniel found and dropped off by the Marshall. We scanned the micro chip and the number was from Nebraska originally but there was no owners information. This information is needed in order to reunite them with their pet. So the pet was never reunited with her family.

The Micro Chip it takes five minutes or less, to implant and there’s no pain for your pet.  A Micro Chip is not very expensive. When the procedure is complete, don’t forget to register your information with the company for the Micro Chip to be effective at reuniting you with your pet if they should be lost.

Contact your vet for a micro chip insert today.

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