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A vet’s guide to pet allergies.

Allergies are a very common, and very frustrating problem for people and pets alike. People often get sinus symptoms and itchy, watery eyes.

While we sometimes see these signs in pets (especially cats), it is much more common to have skin and ear problems.

Pets often shake their heads, scratch their ears, lick and chew at their feet, or are itchy all over. Secondary skin and ear infections are a common result.

Pets can be allergic to all the same things we are. Pollens, grasses, molds, foods and insects (fleas). Just like in people, these problems come and go throughout the year and are managed rather than cured.

This means that a certain amount of itching and chewing will usually remain but, that we minimize the secondary problems with medications such as antihistamines.

Not all antihistamines are safe for pets. Some are even toxic if they contain other ingredients such as decongestants. Always call and ask if a medication is ok before giving it. We will be happy to answer or offer alternatives.

If you notice an allergic reaction from your pet. Take them to your veterinarian or pet doctor for help.