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Allergies & Pets

Allergies are a very common and very frustrating problem for people and pets alike.
People often get sinus symptoms and itchy, watery eyes. While we sometimes see these signs in pets and cats in particular, it is much more common for them to have skin and ear problems.

So how do you know if your pet has allergies? Pets often shake their heads, scratch their ears, lick and chew at their feet, or are just itchy all over. Secondary skin and ear infections are a common result of these irritations.

Pets can be allergic to all the same things we are: pollen, grass, mold, food, and various insects including fleas.

Just like in people, these problems often come and go throughout the year and are managed rather than cured. This means that a certain amount of itching and chewing will often remain, making it important to minimize the secondary problems with medications.

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Allergy Medication

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Medications we commonly use for allergies are antihistamines.

Not all antihistamines are safe for pets; some are even toxic if they contain other ingredients, such as decongestants. Always call and ask if a medication is safe before giving it. We will be happy to answer or offer alternative options.

There are now newer and more effective medication options for allergies.

Some pets have severe enough allergies to need the testing and long-term allergy injections provided by veterinary dermatologists.

While some pets are allergic to certain foods, these allergies are not nearly as common as advertising would have you believe, and grain-free foods are rarely necessary.

Pet Food Allergies

For those that truly suffer from food allergies, prescription foods are necessary.

There are no truly hypoallergenic foods over the counter, despite what labels and food representatives may tell you.

Home-cooked diets are possible but complicated. A serious disease can be seen by missing just one vitamin, mineral or amino acid.

Learn more in this article about Top 5 Food Myths and allergies. Please talk to us about diet-related questions. We want to help!

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