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Alternative Therapies

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Alternative Therapies Treatments for Animals

Alternative Therapies for Pets


Alternative therapies for pets are options beyond traditional medications.
Many pet owners are looking for alternative methods for treating themselves and want the same options for their pets.

Sometimes we already use all the medications available to pets for specific problems but still need additional help. Some pets may be unable to take the recommended medications due to side effects.

Alternative treatments for pets offer different approaches to common problems and can be used alongside traditional medications.

Pet Therapy & Methods

Our goal is to promote health for pets and prevent problems as much as possible. We offer multiple methods to help promote general health and wellness as well as treatment of many common diseases and conditions. These methods include Acupuncture, Laser therapy and Behavioral Consultations.

Acupuncture for Pets Alternative Therapies for Animals


Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points throughout the body to cause a response in distant areas.

Laser Therapy for Healing and Comfort in all animal Surgeries

Laser Therapy

Therapeutic lasers produce light at a specific wavelength that helps a large variety of conditions.

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Pet Behavioral Consults

We offer our expertise in animal behavior with behavioral consultations for furry family members and their owners.

Veterinarian Pet Behavioral Program
golden retriever after laser therapy