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Pet Boarding

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Boarding for cats and dogs canton georgia

Boarding Accommodations ~ Your pet’s home away from home!

Whether your travels are for pleasure or obligation, it’s hard to leave your pets behind. We understand this struggle! We only board a few pets at any one time so we can pay particular attention to how they are doing. Having veterinarians present or on call allows us to respond quickly if there is a problem.

Because we have restricted numbers of boarding spots available, we fill up quickly for holidays and school breaks.

Our kennels are bright and clean.

Glass doors allow dogs to see out and not feel so alone. Each has a raised cot and are offered soft bedding so you don’t have to bring anything. If you really want to bring something special, sleep in an old T-shirt for a night or two and send this with your pet. This allows them to have your comforting scent with them while you are away.

Both of our kennel areas have calming music tailored to dogs and cats that plays at all times

Pet Boarding Canton Ga

Our kitty condos are in a separate room so they don’t have to see the dogs.

They have natural light and these spacious condos even give them the perfect hidey hole if they so choose to use it. The Kitty Quarters also have pheromones that help cats remain calm and relaxed. Both areas have calming music tailored to dogs and cats that plays at all times

Cat Boarding Veterinary Hospital
Cat Boarding in Canton Georgia

Optimal Nutrition Provided

We provide a high quality dog food that is made for sensitive systems and will not upset the stomach with this diet change. So you don’t have to bring foods unless your pet is on a prescription diet.

For cats, we feed quality kibble and Fancy Feast. Most cats do great with this offering so there is no need to bring food unless there is a prescription diet needed.

What else is needed for pet boarding?

All pets must be current on their vaccines.

Rabies for all pets.

Parvo/distemper (DHPP) and kennel cough /bordetella for dogs and feline distemper (FVRCC) for cats.

These must be verifiable from the veterinarian /clinic who administered the vaccines. If your pet needs vaccines or other services, we can provide these when they arrive.

Please bring any medications your pet is taking in their original bottles. This is a safety requirement. We will administer your medications at no additional charge!

Please allow time for both pet drop off and pick up. This is critical in making sure we know how to reach you if needed and that we are aware of any special needs your pet might have.

We administer Capstar to all boarding patients even if they are on other flea preventatives. It is impossible to verify that pets are on flea preventatives consistently, so Capstar helps us assure that our hospital remains flea free and your pet goes home without any unwanted critters catching a ride. Capstar is safe and there is no additional charge!

cat boarding kennel at vet in canton
Dog and Cat Boarding for Pets Canton Georgia

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