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Care Credit

interest free for 6-months
Care Credit for Animals Vet Bills

Cherokee Animal Hospital and many other veterinary specialists in Canton accept Care Credit.

Care Credit Card allows pet owners to make payments to veterinarians for common procedures not covered by insurance without paying interest for 6 months.

care credit for vet services
Cherokee Animal Hospital Care Credit Code

Scan this QR Code to pre-fill in our veterinary information on the application or Download the PDF

Since our animal hospital cannot afford to make loans to clients, this card gives pet owners the opportunity to make payments without paying interest.

Also, there is no annual fee. Not only do we accept it, but so do many veterinary specialists and emergency vet clinics, so it makes great sense to have for the unexpected illness or injury to your pet.

However, if the full amount is not paid at the end of the 6-month interest-free period, there is a substantial interest rate. So you may want to be sure to pay it off during the first 6 months.

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