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Helping our furry felines have a long happy life

Health Care for Cats felines kittens

Cats like to spend time with you…until they don’t.

Despite their common preference for solitude, cats can be great companions. To keep your cat healthy, it’s important to understand its normal behaviors and preferences.

Here at Cherokee Animal Hospital, we love cats, and we want to help you keep your kitty healthy and happy.

Common Problems & Behavior

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Cat Behavior And Play

Cat Behavior

Cats are naturally territorial. They still have an instinctive need to protect their territory and hunt for prey. They may not look like it but their indoor lifestyle can lead to a lot of stress.

how to know if your cat is sick

Sick Kitty Problems

Some illnesses come on overnight, while others develop over days and months. The signs tend to be subtle at first, but the earlier we identify the problem, the more we can do to help.

cat sitting with eyes closed

Feline Potty Problems

Urinary problems are one of the most common issues that cat owners must face. Cats can have urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and other diseases that cause them to have potty problems.

Cat Owners Manual

Download our Fabulous Cat Owners Manual for more Tips and tricks to keep your feline pet happy and healthy.

Our goal as Canton vets is to help your cat stay healthy.

Vet cat tips

Cat Health & Wellness

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Cat Care Resources
Cat Health and Care for felines

Fun Feeding Tips for Cats

The Pipolino

A cat feeding system that they think is a toy. You control how much food they eat and they have to work to get it out. This entertains and stimulates the hunting instinct while taking care of the tummy too.

The Maze Food Bowl 

Made for dogs but cats can play too. Cats can use their paws to chase the food out of the maze. Similar games have been made at home using different size pill bottles glued down to a wood surface. The food gets sprinkled between the tubes so the cat has to their paws to dig the food out. Very entertaining… for everyone!


Resources on indoor Cat wellness

The Scare Crow

A motion-detected water sprinkler that humanely scares off unwanted dogs and cats that get your pet all riled up. These unwanted visitors often cause great stress for your indoor cats.

Cat Carrier Training

Visit CATalyst Council for specific training on cat carriers.

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