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  1. 5/22/18
    (I cannot pull up site for client reviews. Would it be possible for someone to enter this review for me.tks)
    I have lived in Canton, GA all my life, and I have always been a pet owner. I began bringing my pets to Dr Bryant from the first time she opened her clinic until I moved to FL in 2017. Before Dr Bryant I had numerous veterinarians for my pets. She n her staff are still number 1 as the best vet in my many years of vet care. Even now I continue to recommend Dr Bryant to friends n relatives and they are always grateful that I did. Every visit was a good experience
    and I would leave the clinic knowing I received the best care possible. The staff are knowledgeable, caring and professional. Your pets will be happy that you chose Cherokee Animal Hospital for their care.
    Lory Weeks.

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