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Urinary Issues & Cats

Urinary problems are one of the most common issues that cat owners must face.

Cats can have urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and other diseases that cause them to have potty problems. The vast majority of these issues in young to middle-aged cats are stress-related.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, or FLUTD, is a very real illness with very specific clinical signs. See Kitty Behaviors for more information on stressed-out kitties.

Veterinatrian Care for Cats

Here are tips to help reduce this stress and keep your kitty happy!

  • Scoop each litter box EVERY DAY
  • Cats prefer a litter box that is 1.5 times its own length, tail included. That’s a big litter box! You can make a great, cheap litter box from a large plastic storage bin (see below).
  • Multi-cat households should have one litter box per kitty plus one in order to decrease potty stress. Many cats will subtly guard cat boxes and other resources (such as food, water, and highly sought after resting spots).
  • Make sure the boxes, food, and water are spread throughout the house, making it impossible for one cat to guard them all.
  • Litter boxes should not be in areas where one cat can be trapped or surprised by another cat as they exit the box. The boxes should also be away from noisy machines such as the washer and dryer. Some cats will permanently associate fear with the box if the washer suddenly kicks on while the kitty is having a private moment!
  • Fresh Step Clumpable (unscented) litter is a widely preferred cat litter
Kitty Litter tips from veterinarian

Training a Cat to use the Litter Box

Once you have a clean litter box in a private area of the house, it is relatively easy to train a new kitty or cat to use it.

Introduce your cat to the box; they usually pick up on the idea. They somehow instinctively know this is the litter box.

If you are having issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for more help with your cat’s litter problems.

Make your own cat litter box

Make your own … “BEST LITTER BOX EVER”

You can make a great litter box by cutting a hole in the side of a large plastic storage bin. Cut the hole three inches from the bottom so litter will not be kicked out. Leave the lid on for kitty privacy, then remove for easy scooping.

Sand the edges of the litter box entrance to remove sharp surfaces that might injure your kitty.

(Use caution: a utility knife will slip on the hard plastic! A Dremel tool is safer and cuts more easily.)

CHAOS liter box dimensions

Cats prefer litter boxes at least 1.5 times their own length.

This is a great option and it is easy to create a door on the side of a large plastic storage container such as this one as a littler box.


Cat Health & Wellness

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