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Common Pet problems

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Common Pet Health Issues

Pet Wellness & Issues

Wellness is about trying to prevent problems or at least identify existing problems as early as possible. Finding problems early increases our chance of helping pets live longer, healthier lives.
Veterinary visits encompass everything from ear and skin infections to parasites and general health concerns. Often we hear that something is just off. No matter what the problem or concern, we can help figure it out. Below are some common problems for our pets.

Heartworm for dogs Common Pet Problems


Even indoor dogs and cats are susceptible to heartworms as mosquitoes are very aggressive and often find their way into our homes.

dog and cat flea medicine


In warm, humid areas like Georgia, fleas thrive year-round. Additionally, fleas can survive on your pet and inside your home all year!

Food Skin Pollen Allergies in Pets


Pets can be allergic to all the same things we are: pollen, grass, mold, food and various insects including fleas.

obesity and healthy living for dogs


Obesity causes the same problems in animals that it does in people. Diabetes, arthritis, as well as heart and respiratory diseases, are just a few big reasons to get and keep our pets thinner.

Elderly Lab with Arthritis


Symptoms associated with early mobility issues are often missed or written off as just normal aging signs.

Veterinatrian Care for Cats

Cats Only

Visit our “Cats Only” page for more information on common health issues specific to our feline friends.

Pet Owners Manual

Download Dr. Bryant’s Pet Owner Manuals for dogs or cats.


Wellness for Cats and Dogs