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Cat and Dogs with Fleas

Just a few fleas can turn into a massive infestation in a hurry.

Your yard is constantly being visited by wildlife such as deer, raccoons, and opossums, as well as other neighborhood pets (cats are notorious roamers). These animals can spread fleas and flea eggs, which can infest your pet when it goes outside. Apartment and condo environments can be especially difficult to control because of other pets in the complex that may not be on flea preventatives.


In warm, humid areas like Georgia, fleas thrive year-round.

Additionally, fleas can survive on your pet and inside your home all year! Fleas carry disease that can make both you and your pet sick. All pets in your household need to be treated— especially the cats, which are a flea’s favorite host. Some pets are more sensitive to fleas than others. If you treat only the pet that’s scratching, this pet is likely to be re-infested by other pets that may secretly have fleas.

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What brand of Flea Prevention and Protection should I buy for pets?

As Veterinarians, we know that product selection can depend on the pet’s environment and the owner’s preference. Some products protect against both fleas and ticks, and some are given as an oral tablet while others are topical.

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Tips on choosing the best flea prevention product for your pet.

There are products with age parameters and weight requirements to consider. Be wary of generic or older over-the-counter flea control products as they are often not as safe, effective, or long-lasting as the newer products. Don’t be fooled by label claims that these products are the same.

Many old products are particularly dangerous to cats, even if they simply rub against a dog treated with them. Unlike “natural” products, prescription flea control agents have been extensively tested and approved by the FDA. There are many old wives tales for flea prevention that simply do not work, so do not stray from the new and approved options.


Ask us for recommendations for flea and tick prevention!

We will take into consideration your pet’s environment and lifestyle to help you make the best choice. In Georgia, we need to use these flea and tick products consistently year-round.

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