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General Services

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Best Veterinary Care for Pets

Pet Wellness Services

As veterinarians we want you to enjoy every moment with your furry family member. Here are some ways we are helping pets live longer, healthier lives.

Regular Veterinary Wellness Checks


Overall wellness is about trying to prevent or identify existing problems as early as possible.

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Puppies & Kittens

Young pets have a brand new world to explore. They need special care & frequent visits to the vet.

Vaccines for Dogs and Cats


Vaccines are medications that interact with the body’s immune system. They are very important.

vet help for sick pets


When your pet is ill or injured it can be frightening and simple problems may become more complicated if treatment is delayed.

Pet Dentistry Canton Ga


The goals of dental care are to eliminate current pain, prevent future loss of teeth, reduce new infections, & decrease secondary risks.

Dog Canine Spayed Neutered at Vet Animal Hospital


Ideally, we try to perform these surgeries between 4 to 6 months of age. We are happy to talk about your options for your pet.

Pet Euthanasia When is it time


Loss of a beloved pet is hard and making the decision to let them go is simply one of the hardest things our families have to do.

Boarding for cats and dogs canton georgia


Our kennels are bright and clean. Glass doors allow dogs to see out and not feel so alone. Raised cots & soft bedding for each pet.

Anesthesia for Dogs and Cats at Vet Clinic


Modern anesthesia is very safe. This is where the real difference between one hospital and the next is found.

Pet Tests Xrays Physical Exam Blood Work Urinalysis


Our goal is to examine your pet from their nose to the tip of their tail and perform the proper tests to evaluate their condition.

Animal Hospital Canton

Pet Behavioral Consults

We offer our expertise in animal behavior with behavioral consultations for furry family members and their owners.

Veterinarian Pet Behavioral Program
Wellness for Cats and Dogs