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A Veterinarian, near you, can perform services to keep your your dog and cats’ teeth cleaned.

Just like us, animals need regular dentist check-ups and teeth cleanings for oral health.

A complete dental cleaning, from a vet, means cleaning each tooth, under all the gums, and then polishing each tooth. Watch this video about pet teeth cleaning from our veterinarians at Cherokee Animal Hospital.

This is then followed up with x-rays to find any hidden disease. The costs of dental care are associated with the time involved; the anesthesia needed, and advanced equipment and training.

Professional dental cleanings are much more than simple brushing of the teeth. True dental cleanings involve scaling the teeth (the scraping your dentist does to your teeth). This can be time-consuming, especially after years of tartar build-up. The disease also occurs under the gums as well, it is important we reach those areas too.

Once cleaning is complete, we take X-rays of the teeth to ‘see’ if there are any underlying issues or if the disease is present. If there are concerns or teeth that must be extracted, we will contact you and give our advice based on what the x-rays show.
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