alternative medicine treatments for cats and dogs

Herbal Therapies for Cats and Dogs

Herbal remedies have been a part of healing pets for centuries.

Most of our traditional medications come from or are modifications of plants.

The biggest difference between herbals or other supplements and traditional medications is that supplements and herbals are often gentler and come with fewer side effects.

On the flipside, their effects are more subtle and may take longer to perceive. However, this doesn’t make them any less valuable. When used correctly, they can greatly improve medical conditions and benefit overall health.


That being said, herbals and supplements can be quite harmful if used improperly or for the wrong conditions.

Because herbs can be dangerous on their own, it is strongly recommended to only use and purchase them under the guidance of a properly trained veterinarian. Ordering from a company or individual that is not careful about the content and origin of their herbs can potentially create serious problems.



Our herbs are ordered from a trusted source that not only verifies their authenticity but also ensures they are toxin-free and environmentally friendly. This is done through chromatography to guarantee accuracy and safety.

Natural supplements and herbals for cats

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