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You may notice the Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association (IVPA)  logo and #VetLocal around our hospital, website and social media sites.

We want everyone to know what this is about. 

The veterinary industry is currently undergoing large scale consolidation.  Large corporate groups are buying up local hospitals across the country and in fact, across the world.  These corporations generally do not change the name of the hospitals they purchase so clients are unaware that their veterinarian is now corporate. 

The IVPA was formed to support local veterinarians in their practices so they can run their practice with the values & goals they hold dear while providing the best care to pets and owners.

The IVPA ensures there is future opportunity for veterinarians to have their own, independent, local hospital continues long into the future.  We want to give pet owners a choice in who they trust with the care of their furry family member.  So, ask the question.  Is the veterinarian you choose independent?  #VetLocal

Most clients choose their veterinarians based on both convenience and that certain feeling they get when they walk in the door. That feeling, or culture, of the individual hospital is generally determined by the owner. The hospital has been their dream, their baby so to speak.

The owners are heavily invested in how the hospital runs and how their clients and patients are treated. 

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This aspect is lost over time in many corporate hospitals simply because the hospital leaders aren’t as invested and can’t impact change in how things are done in the long run. 

The smaller, locally owned hospital is free to change as needed for the individual patient and client, to choose which medications and products they recommend without the pressure of big negotiated deals with outside companies. 


The downside is that it is difficult for the independent to compete with corporations.

Big corporate groups can sell vaccines for less than the independent veterinarian can buy them. They have teams of people to handle purchases, staffing support, accounting and every other aspect of business. 

The local vet is must wear all these hats on their own. Not every veterinarian wants to own their own practice. Not everyone should.  Corporate practice is perfect for some veterinarians and perfect for some clients. 

We want you to know as a pet owner this is happening. And to be informed in your decision for your pets personalized care and in  supporting your local community veterinarian.

As an independent veterinarian, I encourage you to support your independent vet before veterinarians go the way of big box stores or chains and the local, independent option is a rare find. #VetLocal

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