alternative medicine treatments for cats and dogs

Laser Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Therapeutic lasers produce light at a specific wavelength that allows them to penetrate to deeper tissues, such as bone and muscle.

The laser releases photons (light particles) that are absorbed by damaged cells and are used to produce adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is the body’s energy source and drives every cellular reaction. With this energy, the cells can return to their normal functions much more quickly.

Blood flow to the area is improved, inflammation and edema are reduced, scar tissue formation is decreased, and nerve function is improved. These and other functions ultimately help reduce pain, improve blood flow and speed healing.

Laser Therapy for Cats

We find that once pets experience this, they quickly relax and enjoy the therapy.

A gentle warming heat is generated along with the light.
Goggles and “Doggles” help protect human and patient eyes alike from the light of the laser.


Laser therapy can tend to a number of conditions, including arthritis, back or neck injury, ear infections, chronic anal gland problems, hot spots, and other wounds.

We now use this therapy for every surgery (spays, neuters and more), as well as dental operations and cleanings. This helps improve healing times and comfort levels in our patients right after surgery.

Some problems such as wounds or infections require three to six sessions over just a few days or weeks. Other problems such as chronic back and neck pain, as well as arthritis issues, require more long-term therapy to maintain the effects. These are generally performed with longer periods of time between each session.

Laser Therapy Goggles for Dogs

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