Payment is required at the time of service for all treatments, diagnostic testing and medications, without exception.

So what are your payment options?


1)   We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks
(these are treated as debit cards).

2)  You can create your own Payment Plan for unexpected illnesses or accidents with CareCredit.

Click the logo for a link to learn more about this card.


3)  Don’t forget about pet insurance to help cover those unexpected illnesses or injuries to your pet.

Click the logo below to learn more.


4)  Free Vaccines for Life

Once enrolled, this program offers free standard vaccines for the life of your pet based on our recommendations for your pet’s lifestyle.

Click the logo to learn more about the FVFL program here.

Free Vaccines for Life

5) Preventive Dental Plan

Currently this is a plan where you can make scheduled payments to the animal hospital toward pet dental procedures.

Click here to learn more about the Preventive Dental Plan Program