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Pet health savings account

a savings plan that lets you budget for your pet's needs
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What is a Pet Health Savings Account?

The Pet Health Savings Account (P-HSA) is a savings plan that lets you budget for your pet’s needs.

It’s so simple! You choose a monthly contribution charged to your card on file. The amount is applied to your Cherokee Animal Hospital P-HSA to use whenever and however you choose. You may use your account balance for your pet’s annual care, such as vaccines, yearly tests, and preventatives. Perhaps you want to save up for your pet’s dental cleaning or feel better prepared to handle the costs associated with unexpected illnesses. You decide. The choice and freedom are yours.

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  • You gain additional benefits by contributing $50 or more per month, including same-day service without an added emergency fee and two tele-visits per year.
  • If you contribute over $100/mo, we also guarantee a doctor will speak to you on the phone the same day you call with a question (during business hours).
  • Use your savings for all treatment(s), medication(s), or service(s) at Cherokee Animal Hospital.
  • You choose the amount added to your savings account each month.


It is important to note that the savings account is not insurance. It is a program to provide a convenient way to set aside funds for your pet’s care. The funds in your account are only valid for services and products available at Cherokee Animal Hospital.

There is an annual administrative fee, and if the credit card on file is declined, an additional fee will be incurred. The savings are non-refundable and non-transferable for services from other vets, clinics, or specialists.

However, if your pet should pass, your balance will be applied to final arrangements and can be used for the care of another pet at Cherokee Animal Hospital.

Why a pet health savings account?

Our pets are more important to us than ever before. They provide an increasing level of companionship, support, and social impact to our lives. Caring for these treasured family members can become difficult without planning. Owners want caregivers they can trust and have long-term relationships with.

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Unfortunately, the veterinary field is changing. It is beginning to mirror the human medical field with large corporations dominating the choices of providers.

Trust and relationships are not their goals. Market share is. Cherokee Animal Hospital wants to continue to be the partner you trust for your pet’s healthcare.

We know costs can often get in the way of the type of care you want to provide. This is where the Pet Health Savings Account can help.

Why not just get insurance?

Pet insurance can be helpful, especially for catastrophic injury or illness. But like human medical insurance there are many pitfalls. Most plans have deductibles and limits.

They can range from $18 to $50 or more per month, per pet. Coverage depends on the plan and most pre-existing problems are not covered.

If any sign of a specific illness has been present within the last 12 to 18 months, the illness is likely not covered. When you renew for the next year, problems diagnosed in the previous year may no longer be covered as they are now considered pre-existing.

Most dentistry, annual wellness visits, tests and vaccines are not covered without additional monthly fees.

So, you might spend hundreds per year and still owe for all wellness care, preventative medications, and dentistry. An emerging trend is for large corporations to offer branded insurance that may eventually require you to see their doctors in their hospitals to get full benefits from the insurance.

Like human insurance, consumers must be careful and savvy to avoid regrets. Start building a reserve for your pet’s care at Cherokee Animal Hospital with a Pet Health Savings Account.

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