Preventive Dental Plan

The Preventive Dental Plan, at Cherokee Animal Hospital, takes care of many basic pet dental costs.

It covers a complete veterinary oral exam, cleaning and polishing of all teeth, full x-rays, IV fluids and other related costs for $35 per month. It allows owners to pay a low cost monthly fee rather than a one time payment for these dental services.

Removal of diseased teeth and associated fees (additional anesthesia, pain medications, suture) are NOT covered. These costs are additional and due at the time of the procedure.

Dr. Bryant, our veterinarian has an awesome Pet Dental Guide for you. Download it for FREE below.
It includes information on preventative care, signs of dental disease and what happens during a pet dental cleaning from your veterinarian.

“Download Dr. Bryants Dental Guide Here”

In this video our veterinarian shares how to brush your pets teeth.

The veterinarians and staff, here in Canton, are happy to answer any other questions you may have about your pets dental health.

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