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Behavior and Mental Health for Pets

Mental health is an important and often overlooked part of complete pet wellness.
Poor behavior is the number one reason pets are turned into shelters or euthanized. To make matters more complicated, it is far easier to prevent behavioral issues than it is to correct them.

To begin a behavioral consultation, fill out the following Behavioral Form as completely as possible for all behavior-related consults.  Once we have received your form, a consultation appointment may be scheduled.

Fortunately, most problem behaviors are the result of simple miscommunication.

Owners don’t always know what behaviors are truly normal for their pets. Often, their pets want to please but simply don’t understand what their owners are trying to teach them. We can help!

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What Makes a Well-Behaved Dog or Cat?

There are as many answers to this question as there are breeds of each animal. Behavior that is acceptable to one owner may not be acceptable to another. Finding a balance between what is tolerable for an owner and within reasonable expectations for a pet can be difficult.

This balance must also create a good quality of life for that pet. This is a lot to ask of any relationship, but it is possible when owners are dedicated to understanding the world through the eyes of their pet.

Our goal is to help owners see their pet’s point of view, which helps to develop a more understanding approach towards animal behavior.

What is the difference between a behavior program and training?

Traditional training is what we all think of in terms of common commands like sit, stay, down, or heel. This is a very important part of a behavior program.

However, the difference is a behavior program also guides clients in how the dog sees the world and why some training methods work better than others.

It helps to see many of the common mistakes we confusion in our pets.

Finally, the programs help owners to understand how to use those basic training skills to get broader changes in the pet’s overall behaviors.

To begin a behavioral consultation, fill out the following Behavioral Form as completely as possible for all behavior-related consults.  Once we have received your form, a consultation appointment may be scheduled. 

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Pet training

It is good to keep in mind that anyone can call themselves a trainer.
There is no legal requirement for classes, training or experience, so be very careful about whom you choose to entrust your pet’s development.

We do not EVER recommend sending your pet away for training.

Don’t leave your pet alone with someone else, and if you see any training method that makes you uncomfortable, you should end the session and leave with your pet.

Perhaps most importantly, dominant or aggressive training methods are based on old research and are completely outdated. Unfortunately, we have seen terrible results where a dog’s spirits are completely broken. 🙁

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Positive reinforcement for pets always serves as a better teaching tool than fear or intimidation.

You want to witness and partake in every aspect of the training process. Your pet needs to learn right along with you. Training is the creation of a common language between two entirely different species.

It allows for predictable responses from both the pet and owner in a given situation. This is the biggest reason we do not recommend any form of away training. New languages require practice from both partners. Actually, the humans generally require more practice than the dog!

Not to mention, you will be required to continue the training once your pet is home, or they will simply revert to their old ways. Consistency and positive reinforcement are the most important aspects of training.

Ask us about your current pet training plan and options. We can offer our expertise on animal behavior and tailor our suggestions to your pet and family situation.


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