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General Pet Care Services at Vet

Pet Wellness Resources

Many owners seek help understanding their pet’s wellness and behaviors.
Browse these areas in our Pet Care Library. For more information, you can also visit the General Services and Alternative Therapies page.

Our goal is to promote health and prevent problems as much as possible. We offer multiple methods to help promote general health and wellness as well as the treatment of many common diseases and conditions.

dog and cat common health problems


Pets have many common problems including illness, heartworms, and other issues that may affect their overall health.

golden retriever puppy care and veterinarian tips

Puppies & Kittens

Our young pets need the most assistance in the first few years. Find out more about your new pet and their care.

Health Care for Cats felines kittens


Cats have a unique set of behaviors that set them apart from dogs. Find out more about your feline friend.

Canton Veterinarian


Overall wellness can be affected by breed, circumstances, & veterinary care. Here are the basics to give your pet the best life possible.

Problems with Senior Pets


Our older furry family members can benefit from regular visits to the vet and therapies to help them with aging.

Best dog food tips from a vet


There are different ideas about food and pets. Here is some veterinary advice on food and diet to help you understand the options.

Dog training and pet behaviors


Let us help you understand your pet’s behavior and provide assistance in applying consistent routines for happy owners and happy pets.

Cats and Alternative Medicine from Vet in Canton


There are methods of care for pets beyond modern medicines. Acupuncture and Laser therapy have proven beneficial to pets of all shapes and sizes.

Dog toys and food suggestions


Find out more website resources and toys here on our resources page. There is also help with pet care, diet, and end of life care.

Animal Hospital Canton

Pet Behavioral Consults

We offer our expertise in animal behavior with behavioral consultations for furry family members and their owners.

Veterinarian Pet Behavioral Program
Pet Care Library for Owners