PetPlan Insurance


Our Veterinarians often find clients here in Canton who are confused about pet insurance.

You know animal hospital’s are different from people hospitals, well pet insurance works differently than people insurance as well.  Regardless of your pet insurance plan, you have to pay everything to the hospital up front.  Then the insurance company will reimburse you for any covered items.

Our veterinarians have found that in many cases, clients pay more in insurance than they receive in benefits and about the same amount as they would have spent if they did most of what the veterinarian recommended.

The exception is of course, the very big illness or surgery.  It might be better, to pay into a pet savings account every month instead. But few of us have this kind of discipline.  For this reason, pet insurance makes sense for many owners.  The insurance can provide help in covering costs from large, unexpected pet illnesses and injuries.

A couple of things to know…

Insurance plans do not cover regular health maintenance services such as vaccines, regular lab tests (heart-worm, parasite tests and senior blood work) or dental cleanings.

There are many diseases and injuries they will not cover due to breed predisposition.  Insurance can be a great benefit but be sure you know your policy.

We cannot promise your satisfaction with any third party company, however, many of our clients have been very happy with Pet Plan.  The link above will take you to their site for more information.

Our veterinarians in Canton can help you give your pet a healthy life and the best veterinary care.