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Safety for Kids and pets

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pet safety with kids

Monitor Pets & Children

Any dog can bite in the right circumstances, but this does not make them bad dogs.

They are just dogs, and owners often unknowingly put them in unfair situations. The sweetest, least aggressive dog in the world may feel forced to bite in order to defend itself when being chased by a fast-moving toddler.

Often people may tease a pet or threaten them unknowingly. Young children have no concept of potential danger and will grab their ears and tails or pull and hit.

Children are masters at cornering pets. They are just doing what kids do, and dogs will do what dogs do.

child petting dog
Senior dog and Kids

Never leave young children alone with dogs.

If you can’t be right there with them, then separate them. Most people have no qualms about using baby gates to keep their children safe from stairs and other hazards. Use these same gates to provide both kids and dogs with safety and quiet time.

Your dog might never bite, but why chance it? It isn’t worth your child being bitten, and it may change forever how you feel about your beloved pet.

Always give your pets an escape route and a sanctuary.

They need to always be able to have a safe space away from children or other pets. Never allow your child to play in or around your dog’s space, kennel or bed. Dogs will defend what they consider their territory.

If you need more help or personalized tips for your family, call us.

Pets and kids safety tips

Pet and Family Safety

This goes for their food, too.

Feed your dogs someplace quiet and away from household traffic. It is best to teach dogs early to go to their own space or bed while the family is eating.

This prevents food snatching and accidental biting when children are involved.

Likewise, teach children to let sleeping dogs lie, and stay away from their food, beds, crates, and toys.

Pet safety and quiet place

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