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There are several Resources on this page as well as a few downloads.

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Walking your Pet

The Gentle Leader

A harness “harnesses” a dogs power, allowing them to throw their weight into the leash and drag the owner along. Standard collars and choke chains put to much force on the throat and cause trauma to both the throat and neck.

The Gentle Leader uses gentle steady pressure on the nose to lower the head and provide good control. It also gives a gradual indication that the pet needs to slow down rather than the sudden jolt they get with collars and harnesses.

These can be purchased at most pet stores and come with a DVD to explain their use.


Keep Calm and Carry On


Found on Amazon among other sites. This is a motion detected water-sprinkler that humanely scares off unwanted dogs and cats that get your pet all riled up. These unwanted visitors often cause great stress for indoor cats!


BEST cat toys from around the web

Toys and Fun Stuff

The best toys are designed to engage the dog or cat’s brain. 

Puzzle-type toys that the pet has to figure out to get to the treat inside are ideal. The Kong toys are most well known but there are many others that may suit your dog's needs better.  Another great toymaker is Busy Buddy.


The Maze Food Bowl

Made for dogs but cats can play too. They can use their paws to chase the food out of the maze. Similar games have been made at home using different-sized pill bottles glued down to a wood surface.

The food gets sprinkled between the tubes so the cat has to use their paws to dig the food out. Very entertaining, for everyone!



A cat feeding system that they think is a toy. You control how much food they eat and they have to work to get it out. This entertains and stimulates the hunting instinct while taking care of the tummy too.

Please see the Kitty Pages for more special cat resources.



Dog toys and food suggestions

More useful resources for pets in all stages of life.

Pet Gear: - A variety of pet products for travel and everyday life.

Help get a grip on slippery floors: (search Paw pads self-adhesive traction pads)


Pre & Post Op Informational PDF's to Download or Print

Older Dogs and Cats need Special Care

Senior and Pets with Disability Resources

Help pets get up with special harness: - "The first and only dog-lifting mobility harness featuring our patented Hip Lift!"  In the hospital, we will often use a folded towel under the pet’s hips as a makeshift sling as well.

Ramps for car access:

For the blind pet that isn’t adapting well to their environment:

Bedding options:

https://www. handicapped

Digital calendar/journal for your pet’s quality of life assessment:

Grey Muzzle app


Tips from Cherokee Animal Hospital


For more specific tips on training to a cat carrier go to


Download our DOG Owners Manual for happy and healthy canines.

Download our CAT Owners Manual for happy and healthy felines.