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A true weight loss plan is often in order for your pet, but here are a few pointers from Dr. Bryant, a vet at the Cherokee Animal Hospital.

Start with these steps:vet tips on healthy weight

Eliminate all people food – A one ounce piece of cheese is the equivalent of 2 ½ cheeseburgers for  a small dog

If the current volume fed is appropriate (call us, we’re happy to advise) then decrease the current volume by about 10-20 % and replace the volume with plain canned green beans.  So the dog thinks they are getting the same overall amount.

Get on the exercise.  A walk every day!  Be sure this walk satisfies two different criteria; The first 10 minutes is just for sniffing and exploring.  Save the exercise portion for the end so no one gets frustrated.  Be sure to walk when it is cool.  Your dog should always be in front or beside you.  If they start to lag; stop, rest, and water.  Dogs overheat much faster than people!

If none of these decrease weight (give it 4-6 months) then a true diet change might be in order.

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