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Tele Medicine

easy to use remote healthcare option for pets
Televet Healthcare for Animals

Cherokee Animal Hospital is now offering remote healthcare services with TeleMedicine!

Telemedicine is an opportunity to “see” our patients more frequently for certain problems.

For instance, rechecks after some surgeries and some ongoing skin problems may benefit from the Telemedicine service. Behavior consulting may also be an area where our veterinarian can observe remotely and offer the best advice pertaining specifically to your situation.
We are just beginning our exploration with telemedicine. If you have additional questions please Call us 770-479-6505 or send us a message CONTACT US PAGE

**Always call us if you suspect serious illness or have an emergency. Please do not rely on the PetDesk App for these situations.

Use the information below to download the PetDesk App for video call and you can also request appointments.

Animal Hospital App



PetDesk Mobile App for Veterinarians

Download our PetDesk App to

  • Schedule appointments
  • RX Refills
  • Reminders for appointments
  • Reminders to give Medications
  • See your pet’s vaccines
  • See your pet’s medications
  • Ask Questions

& see the history of your pet’s care.

GO to the APP STORE to download the PetDesk App

Telemedicine can be tricky though.

In human medicine, the patient can talk to their doctor to tell them about the symptoms they are experiencing. Our pets obviously can’t do this. So we rely heavily on physical exams and testing to help us reach our decisions on treatment recommendations.

For many of the problems our patients’ experience, the doctor needs to lay hands on the pet to help determine where and how severe the problem is. Still, there are instances where telemedicine has its place.

If a patient is scheduled for a virtual visit and it becomes clear we need the patient to come in for additional testing or treatment, the cost of the virtual visit is applied toward the in-house physical examination.

We reserve the right to decline the use of telemedicine in any case where we believe it will cause a substandard treatment for our patients. Owners must accept that using telemedicine will limit our abilities to give complete information, diagnosis and treatment options.

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