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Vet in Canton

Vets in Georgia understand the need for year-round flea and tick treatment.

Just a few fleas can turn into a massive infestation in a hurry. Dr. Bryant, a vet in Canton, talks about fleas and your pet.

Your yard is constantly being visited by wildlife such as deer, raccoons, and opossums, as well other neighborhood pets (cats are notorious roamers). These animals can spread fleas and flea eggs, which can infest your pet when he goes outside.

In warm, humid areas like Georgia, fleas thrive year round. Plus, fleas can survive on your pet and inside your home all year! Year-round flea control is best for your pet. Fleas carry disease that can make both you and your pet sick.

All pets in your household need to be treated— especially the cats (fleas’ favorite host). Some pets are more sensitive to fleas than others, so if you treat only the pet that’s scratching, she’s likely to be re-infested by other pets that also have fleas but aren’t giving you any itchy signals.

Generic or older over-the-counter flea control products are not as safe or effective and do not last as long as the newer products. Don’t be fooled by label claims that these products are the same. Many old products are particularly dangerous to cats. Even if they just rub against a dog treated with these products.

Unlike “natural” products, prescription flea control agents have been extensively tested and approved by the FDA.

Ask us for recommendations. We will take into consideration your pet’s environment and lifestyle to help you make the best choice.

In Georgia, our vets suggest the need to use these products consistently year-round.