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Your local vet can help your family adjust to furry members.

The family dog is a welcomed part of the family, we as humans can help them stay safe and happy with these few tips from your veterinarian.

– Consider installing childproof cabinet locks or using baby gates to block off areas of the home that are off-limits to your dog. Especially when you’re newly welcoming a dog to your home, it’s important to set boundaries. Keeping dogs out of under-sink cabinetry that contains …chemicals, trash cans, medications and other common household hazards….

– Never approach a leashed, tethered or confined (including in a car) dog.  They are in their territory and will often defend it.  This is normal dog behavior.

– A dog’s bed, food bowl and toys are also their territory, and defendable. This is also normal dog behavior.

– Let sleeping (and eating) dogs lie.

– Most dogs will avoid confrontation if at all possible. Humans generally fail to recognize dogs repeated requests to be left alone. Their communications are subtle but recognizable with practice.

– Young children and dogs should NEVER be unattended, regardless of how well either party behaves. Never leave a dog unattended in a car, not even for “just a few minutes.” Keep all pets dewormed and flea free to prevent transmission of certain diseases to the family.

See our veterinarian pet resources page for more information on healthy and happy pet instructions… get Dr. Bryant’s Owner’s Manuals for cats and dogs.

Tips from your local vet in canton.