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Animal Hospital Canton Ga

Animal Hospital

Our previous clinic was a 70-year-old house, and it limited what we were able to do in terms of providing care. Our new facility allows our veterinarians to offer premium animal care in a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable setting.

Animal Clinic Lobby

Hospital Lobby

Our lobby is clean, cozy, and colorful, and is a welcoming place for animals and humans alike. At Cherokee Animal Hospital, we love pets, and we aren’t afraid to show it!

Veterinarian in Canton Dr Green

Pet Exam Rooms

As yearly exams and check-ups are an important part of your dog or cat’s life, we take pride in the clean and efficient aura our exam rooms exhibit. You and your pet will always be treated with care, respect, and friendliness at Cherokee Animal Hospital.

Veterinarian Surgery Room

Pet Surgery

At Cherokee Animal Hospital, we do surgeries in a different way. We ensure the best quality of safety for your pet by employing a full-time anesthesia nurse alongside a knowledgeable staff that focuses on providing your pet with a comfortable stay with as little pain as possible.

veterinarian lab in canton

Pet Hospital Lab & Pharmacy

We have an on-site lab that allows us to run tests quickly and easily. On-site testing often means faster results and a speedier plan of action for your pet. We also have a pharmacy that can immediately supply the medications needed for your pet.

Dog and Cat Surgery

Hospital Treatment room

When pets need to stay at the hospital, they are provided a cozy spot with some of the best pet care in Georgia. Our hospital is supplied with the newest technology to provide the best dental and medical care to your pet during their stay.

Dentist for Dogs and Cats

Dentistry for dogs and cats

As dental disease is the number one problem our veterinarians see, we are adamant about keeping your pet’s mouth and oral health in top-top shape. We x-ray, clean, and polish your pet’s teeth while they are sedated to ensure their dental needs are fulfilled. Our veterinarians also provide you with tips and information on how to take care of your pet’s teeth at home on a regular basis.

Pet Boarding Canton Ga

Boarding for Dogs

Our updated boarding area is clean, bright, and has plenty of natural light. The glass blocks between kennels allows pets to see movement and not feel alone. We only board a few pets at a time, so each pet is spoiled with attention.

Cat Boarding in Canton Georgia

Boarding for Cats

Our kitty condos are in separate rooms so they don’t have to see the dogs.
They have natural light, and these spacious condos even give them the perfect hidey hole if they so choose to use it. The Kitty Quarters also have pheromones that help cats remain calm and relaxed.

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