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Questions about Pet Care answered from Veterinarians of Cherokee Animal Hospital in Canton, GA.

– Vaccines and Pets

Dr. Chris Bryant of Cherokee Animal Hospital talks about preventative medicine for animals:

Let’s start with puppies and kittens, they should have their first visit with a veterinarian by the time they’re six weeks of age. They should start their vaccines at six weeks of age and they should get vaccines every three weeks until they reach the 15 to 16 week age point.

Then one thing that a lot of people don’t think of is they get these new puppies and kittens and they’re so cute and they want everybody to see them so they take them to Pet Smart to get the supplies that they need or they take them to the dog parks and just because they’ve had a vaccine does not mean their body has responded to the vaccine so we really want those guys to stay at home until they’ve finished their puppy and kitten vaccines.

We want them socialized so by all means family friends, family pets, family kids socialize and the 8 to 12 weeks is the greatest socialization period they’ll ever get but do it with animals that you know are healthy and vaccinated.

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/LMwlK6P0s0Q

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