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Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

What are vaccines for pets?

Vaccines are medications that interact with the body’s immune system. They are very important but are not risk free. For this reason, we perform a thorough physical exam and ask detailed background questions to assure our patients are healthy enough to receive vaccinations.


Your pets lifestyle helps determine the best vaccines for them.

Legally, veterinarians must have a current relationship (physical exam) with each pet to prescribe any medication or administer vaccines.
There are many vaccines available, but generally, only a few that are recommended for each individual pet. Vaccine recommendations are based on the lifestyle of each individual.

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While every dog and cat is required to be vaccinated against rabies, not every pet needs to be vaccinated against leptospirosis, a more uncommon disease transmitted in the urine of infected wildlife such as deer, raccoon, and beavers. A city-dwelling Chihuahua may have different exposure risks than a Labrador that hikes and camps with the family. We tailor pet vaccine protocols based on these lifestyles.

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Not all vaccines are created equal.

Some brands are literally safer than others and, unfortunately, this does affect cost. For example, certain vaccines against feline leukemia, a deadly feline virus, are much safer than others. They are created in ways that greatly decrease possible side effects and reaction.
We use the safest vaccines available for all our vaccine choices.


best vaccines for pets

Vaccines are quite sensitive and must be handled very carefully.

For example, they are highly susceptible to damage from fluctuating temperatures. For this reason, we encourage owners to stick with vaccines from their veterinarians. Other stores may not even be aware that their vaccines are damaged or may not work at all.


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