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Canton vet advice on vaccines.

New puppies and kittens are born with natural antibodies supplied from their mother.

These antibodies are the only way puppies and kittens can fight disease, and they wear off very quickly. For puppies and kittens to survive the viruses and pathogens they will undoubtedly come into contact with, it is critical for them to get their vaccines.

Cherokee Animal Hospital VeterinarianVaccines stimulate the immune system to create antibodies to the most prevalent diseases found in cats and dogs. Antibodies are the only ways puppies and kittens can fight off diseases.

Without these antibody-building vaccines, cats and dogs that come into contact with diseases may become very sick or even die. Vaccines are very critical to your puppies’ and kittens’ health.

Our friendly and helpful veterinarians at the Cherokee Animal Hospital in Canton can also provide an accurate timeline for vaccinating your puppies or kittens when you bring them in for examinations at the animal care clinic.